Ageplay Phonesex Fantasies with Daddy’s-Not-A-Perv

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When I was on an ageplay phonesex fantasy call with this dude who calls himself daddys-not-a-perv(we both know different) . He had me pretend to be his very naughty daughter in a sisters fantasy threesome. He has always wanted to do a ageplay phonesex threesome with two hot little pre-teen sluts. He showed us how to suck his great big dick and had us take turns licking and worshipping his man lolly.He told us if we were not good girls he was gonna put his big cock in our tight little bottoms and make sure we cried for daddy. Thats when he made my sister kneel on the head of his big peepee. It was lined up with her little pussy hole but she could only shine his knob because her pussy was so tight. He got so excited he took his big penis and had me lay on my back and started pushing it into my hole down there. It hurt and tears sprung into my eyes but he told me ot be a good girl and remember my bottom. Damn, I am so wet just recounting it to you! Fuck I do so love ageplay phonesex. It is so freaky, nasty and taboo!

I love being a hot pre-teen fuck toy for daddys-not-a-perv during ageplay phonesex. I think he gets the nastiest of all my callers. He fucked us so good this last call I came over and over again. He made the pain he caused me don there all better with ice cream he got it all cold and while I licked the ice cream cone he had her clean the chocolate off my bare pussy. He used a sucker on my hole to and he ate all the sugar out. It made me feel like I had to to pee when he licked me there but felt really good and he told me to go ahead and do it if I had too.


If you think you can get nastier than daddys-not-a-perv during ageplay phonesex, call me and we will test your skills on my tight, young pre-teen pussy!

Daddy Loves My Barely Legal Pussy


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When I think about my Daddy I can’t help but get hot and horny. When I’m sitting in my little nightie and I’m playing with my barely legal pussy I always picture in the back of my mind what I’ll have to do if Daddy comes in and catches me. The thought’s enough to get me weak in the knees, panting, and begging like a good little girl to suck on Daddy’s big lolly. Hearing the doorknob turn and the door opening slowly would be embarrassing but I’m sure Daddy knows how to keep a horny little girl excited and eager to please. Daddy, make me make a mess in my panties. I want to take Daddy’s dick in my hot little holes. Oh wait… you want to fuck my virgin ass? Oh.. okay.

When I’m bent over like this it makes me kind of scared but I know that I’ll get spanked like a Bad Girl if I don’t hold my pert teen ass up in the air so that my Daddy can smear the lube on his fingers and slide one, then two into my ass. virgin anal! Oh Daddy, it hurts a little when you do that but it feels good. I can feel your big strong Daddy fingers pushing their way into my butt and I can’t help but get wet. When you tell me I’m being a good little girl it makes me even hotter still. Push your fingers in and out of my butt Daddy. I want to show you just how good I can take them even when you go really really deep~

Daddy, I’m waiting impatiently for you to come and open my bedroom door so you can open my back door too. Daddy’s little girl needs a good stiff woody in her butt and a hot load of Daddy’s magic juice on her back so she can go to sleep. See? You’ve got me horny and pouting now Daddy.


Taboo Phonesex By Ellie, Taboo Is Fun

taboo Phonesex

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A lot of people think that taboo phonesex is something dark and taboo that no one can talk about. I couldn’t agree more. That’s what makes it so fun. My Daddies and I love to get nasty with taboo phonesex and I’m not going to lie or try to pretend that I don’t like it to make up for some societal thing. Taboo is taboo for a reason and usually because skirting around it, especially in fantasy is so sexy. See, there’s no one getting hurt during an taboo phonesex call except for possibly my little pussy when I’m fingering it until its sopping wet. Why should something natural be something be ashamed of? I don’t know and I’m not going to philosophize on it. The shame makes it bit more sexy and erotic in the end anyway and anyone who says otherwise is likely lying.

Taboo phonesex might not be for everyone and I understand that too but my daddies and I know that there’s one naughty little girl out there in cyberspace who loves nothing more than taboo phonesex. I like hearing and helping my Daddy get his nuts off just the way he wants. After all, that’s what good little girls are for. You don’t have to believe it but even if there’s a doubt in your mind that taboo phonesex might not be as bad as you thought then you should give me a call and we’ll try it on for size. You might find that you like having your little taboo phonesex girl down on her knees and pleasing you just the way that daddy’s good little girl knows how. Don’t be shy Daddy give me your cock and I’ll make sure that mommy never has a clue what we’re up to when you creep out of bed.



Why I Love to Call him Daddy

Hot age play cumslut ellie

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When I was out with my friends the other night after several drinks it turned to that intimate girl talk.  We don’t do this all the time but you can bet when we do do it gets interesting. When I told them I like to call my lovers daddy I thought they were gonna freak out.  I had no clue this was not the norm. This one snooty girl who needs a good stiffy in her ass asked, “Why do you call him daddy?”

The simple answer was easy!  It turns me on to call him daddy! Apparently this was not enough of an answer for her because she still wrinkled her nose at me. Keep in mind this girl would not know good sex if it bit her in the ass and still treats me as less than her in spite of the fact I make more money because I do phone sex to both get off and make money. If I allowed her to think that the only reason I do phone sex was for the money because she would understand that. I honestly believe she thinks the word, “orgasam” is swahili and would not recognise good sex if it bit her in the ass.

Instead of just taking it at face value, that calling men daddy turns me on she was like, “Is that some kind of incest thing?”

Now I do have some callers that absolutely have an incest fantasy and that is exactly why they love being called daddy and while that is hot too, nothing turns me on more than calling my man daddy because it is another way of submitting to his power and acknowledging his power. Some ladies like Master, Sir, lord even king and even God but daddy is my personal favorite because it seems primitive and base.

I really could care less how miss snooty feels about it.  It makes my pussy wet when I call the man above me daddy.  Not to mention I have never had any complaints.

So if you want to be called Daddy call me!

Your Fantasy Virgin Ellie


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Though I’m definitely not a virgin any more with all of my rendezvous with older men I really like to pretend to be a virgin still. It takes some doing to get me there but nothing gets me into a purely submissive mode faster than the thought of being a virgin about to be used and abused by some older man. Any struggles get ignored, the little whines of protest turn into panting animal lust, and I feel more and more that I am under your powerful and extremely sexy control. Do you ever feel that way? Wouldn’t you like some virgin pussy? I’ll bet that you would Daddy. I’ll be your virgin schoolgirl if that’s what you want. Tell me all of the dirty and kinky things that you want to do to me. I promise not to tell anyone, of course I might need a good spanking first.


I need to feel that submission sometimes and that’s why virgin roleplay is some of my very favourite phonesex. Tell me how sweet I am and how I will get a special creamy treat if I suck on your lolly. Don’t you want to know what it feels like to have these virgin lips wrapped around your big veiny meat? I know I do though I’m never going to admit that until you make this virgin want your dick so badly that she can’t stand it any longer. Tease me and play with me and make me into your virgin slut. Of course denying me dick works just as well. A man who knows how to wait and really let the arousal build is another one of my favourites. Do you have what it takes to make a virgin into your very own personal cock sheathe? Want to find out now?

Ellie the virgin

A Definitely Different Kind of Roleplay


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Being a no taboos roleplay kind of phonesex girl is harder than you’d think. I can usually predict where things are heading though within the confines of the fantasy. Since I started blogging here even moreso. I get calls from Daddies looking to do things to me. That’s fine. I love ageplay. I love playing out dark kinky fantasies, and most of all I love roleplay. Once in awhile though one of these guys comes out of left field with a fantasy that reminds me of nothing I’ve ever done before. Those are the kinds of things that make me such a happy little slut. I like the fact that no matter how stuck in a rut I feel with calls sometimes they’ll change it up so desperately that I’m reminded to stay humble and accept that there’s no way I’ll ever be able to hear it all. That’s fine with me.


This man though, he had a fantasy that made me even step back and grin. It was that intricate. I love a well thought of roleplay with characters and a story. It’s one of the things that makes it fun. And it was fun. He wanted me to be an alien. An alien that feeds on semen. So in the interest of keeping myself and my species alive I was to collect some viable donors for food on the ship to take back home and milk. Yes, milking semen like the men in question were cows. Now, a lot of men would say that’s a fantasy of theirs until they find out what that means. The men were held on the ship with tentacles (yummy) Whenever one of the aliens or I wanted to have dinner they’d get sucked off by either a mouth or an asshole. The rest of the time they got blown by tentacles. Hot.

Sexy Angelina Makes Me Wet: Daddy Loves Bi-Racial Tag Teams

Last weekend when I was surfing the other ladies into daddy fantesies on adult phone pal I found this girl who calls herself Sexy Angelina.  She reminded me a lot of my first girl friend, Jessica.  Jessica and Sexy Angelina are both beautiful black girls and both shared my interest in daddy fantasies. Jessica is/was an escort when we were together and she catered to fetishes and niche kinks of all kinds, in fact she loathes straight sex which is where I came in. Jessica, is so not straight and when I am with her I crave her pussy like a crack whore craves cocaine combine that with daddy play and you have one horny chick. When I was with Jessica , cock took second place.  She was so remarkable! One of her slave dogs, who owned an upscale limousine company, often took us out on the town. He never told Jessica exactly what he wanted but always wanted to be the perverted, tormented daddy. Jessica devised different ways to torment him every-time she saw him.  Many nights I was a package deal, we were his Daddy’s girls for the evening. Jessica and got all dolled up like dirty school girls for our evenings out with daddy.  While our chauffeur daddy may have had many kinks; like being cuckolded , small cock humiliation(trust me his penis was tiny!) and even forced bisexuality, his most desired fantasy was always being with his Daddy’s girls! As daddy’s girls we put on quite a steamy show for him.  He would watch us in the rearveiw mirror as he drove it was like being in a  fish bowl. i always knew exactly how much he was enjoying the show from the  I could here the wet slapping sounds coming from the front seat as he used his hand on his little, bitty, daddy wiener.  That slimy, slapping sound really got going  when I was going down on her. God she was delicious! One the rules Jessica gave daddy was he was not allowed to shoot his load with out her permission.  On that night, about the time I was riding her face like it was my own personal fuck toy, daddy was begging, begging to dump his load in his lap but Jessica was merciless!The poor, pathetic voyeur shot his wad all over the front of his black trousers! When we pulled up to our destination for dinner; daddy opened the door for his daddy’s girls slimed with his own goo! You would think that would be embarrassing enough, but that was the easiest part of his torment!Jessica and I waited for daddy and his credit card at the table of the four star restaurant and when we saw daddy walking to our table I could not help but laugh! His face flushed red and then Isaw why: his fly was opened and the cream was still in place per his punishment!Jessica only smiled wickedly. After Seeing Sexy Angelina and being reminded of my Jessica, I was tempted to call her for a little girl on girl phone sex centered around our daddy!

You game for a little biracial domination?  Give me a call!



The Boy with the Magic Dick

the boy with the magick dick

the boy with the magic dick

Sometimes when I go to take care of Davie, after I’m done being pampered, he likes to lay across my lap and nurse, if he has been a good adult baby. He is all dressed up in his bedtime sleeper, nipple in his mouth and is ready to hear a bedtime story. Now, you know, bed times stories for adult babies are a little different than those you might have heard in the mainstream. The last time he was over I decided to begin the saga of the “Boy with the Magic Dick.”


He seems really excited at the title of the story and looked up at me with great expectations, I think he thought the magic dick was his. You’re the boy with the little cock sucking on mommy’s booby’s, ther is nothing magic about your dick. You are a perverted little adult baby that I feel has earned the privilege of a bedtime story.


The story of “The Boy with the Magic Dick is about a boy that has just become a man, just like you excepted he has an enormous cock. His evil stepmother was barren when she met her husband and was promised by a fairy that if she raised the boy with the magic dick to adulthood that she would make her fertile.


In addition to this the fairy made her promise that she would raise the boy with the magic dick in complete isolation and innocence. The evil stepmother had no idea why this would be so but she did promise to raise him in isolation, perfect happiness and innocence. Her husband was an explorer and was away all the time, sometimes years,  and traveling to distant lands so he was hardly ever home and barely knew this charge his wife had taken on.


In fact by the time the boy with Magic dick had reached manhood the evil stepmother had not seen her husband in so long she wondered if he were even alive. She was tempted to not do as she had promised the fairy because the boy with the magic dick was her only company and she had grown a fondness for him.  She had promised to send him out into the woods to fulfill the promise of turning him over to the fairy once he became a man.


Though she had grown to love him she had heard rumors and seen proof of just what the fairy could do if you did not keep her promises. Take the bitch wolf that roved the forest. She was once a beautiful woman but was turned into the beastly thing they now called the bitch wolf.


She was covered in hair, well over six foot tall and had such huge bulbous breasts she had to walk slightly hunched over. While the bitch wolf was still a woman, she was very repulsive to look at, and you always knew when she was lurking because of the musty scent she carried with her. Oh, it was too awful a thought. All she has done was not tell her father, the King, she loved him properly. Having heard rumors she thought nothing of sending the boy out into the woods with the basket.


She taught him nothing of sex and in spite of being a man he did not know what his penis was for. She taught the boy with the magic dick, that to touch it was very, very wrong and very. very naughty and that he would be punished for that. Peter, the boy with the magick dick loved and respected his step mother so much that he never, ever so much as thought about touching it in spite of the many ,many mornings it stood very tall and erect and sometimes spontaneously erupted.

He knew he had a grandma that lived in the woods and his stepmother sent him out that day to meet her for the first time. She dressed him in his nicest outfit and a jaunty red hat carrying a basket. The contents of the were covered with a cloth that was woven down tightly and the wicked step mother told him, “Do not open this basket. Take it to grandmothers. Here is a paper with directions and a map to show you the way through the forest.” Peter never thought of disobeying her.


The boy with the magick dick looked at the directions as he began down the path from home to the woods. As there were no true roads through the woods the directions said strange things like: “Stay on the path, follow the cleared pass until you reach a tree with white bark  and follow the path to the right and follow that until you come across a large rock shaped like a wolf and so on and so on.  It was a very long list of directions but he knew he could follow them because they were written very clear and concisely.


He was very hesitant to go off into the woods even though his step mother had told him to because the stepmother had also told him of the bitch wolf that lived in the woods and he often heard her at night, not to mention smelled the feral odor of her. She wasn’t really a wolf but that’s what they call her they called her because there is no other way to really explain the monstrosity of a woman she had become because of the curse. One thing no one knew though was the secret he kept carefully guarded in his shame was that whenever he could hear and smell the bitch wolf lurking around the cabin, he often had a hard time falling asleep because his penis would get so hard.  Once he did finally fall asleep he would always wake in a sticky, cold puddle in his bed. He knew the white slime came from his penis but was too ashamed to ask his step mother about it.


The boy with the magic penis said, “Grandmother, What a deep voice you have!” to which the wretched creature responded in a gravelly voice, “The better to greet you with”


Not knowing what else to say Peter commented “Goodness, what big eyes you have!”


“The better to see you with!” his hideous grandmother responded with a lascivious gaze making Peter even more uncomfortable.

All he could do was stare at her as he felt his penis begin to harden as he breathed in deeply smelling familiar scent of the bitch wolf. Disgusted with his shameful behavior in front of his grandmother but having a desperate need to fill the more and more ominous silence he again commented on his grandmother’s strange appearance “What big hands you have Grandmother!”


“My dear young man, all the better to hug you with as she leaned forward toward him opening her arms wide to embrace him. Very wide as she was a very large woman, much, much bigger than he.


As he backed away from the dangerous and welcoming embrace he backed toward the door and blurted out, “What a big mouth you have”


To his terror she said, “All the better to eat you with!”,and lunged out of the bed after him.


The boy with the magic dick turned to run but felt her large hot hands wrap around his shirt that his step mother had always, “saved for nice”.


Seeing her at her full height as she pulled him under her arm he went limp with terror. She barely fit in the small cottage, her head scraped the top. He couldn’t fathom how he could have thought hsi his grandmother in spite of her being bundled under the blankets wearing a bonnet.


With ease the giant, hairy woman whose breasts were just as big as rumors had them, each as big as butter barrels, thrust him under her arm and ducked out the door and ran off the path into the woods. Peter made no sound, he bounced limply as he watched her hamstrings,  biceps and quadriceps pump. Just her calves were as big around as he was.


He watched in fascination, knowing full well she was going to make good on her promise to eat him as soon as she took him to her lair or den, whatever you wanted to call it.  She probably did not even cook, she would probably just tear him from limb to limb and rip the meat from his bones. In spite of dreading what was to come, his penis betrayed him and was rubbing up against her leg as hard as it could be. He ached for one of those explosions but knew how nasty that was and was instantly ashamed not that the bitch wolf cared.


She just kept running and the boy with the magic penis did not bother to struggle because he knew it was no use.  Her grand size proved that.  He may as well be fighting a tree. Which is kinda what happened.


She took him to the edge of a clearing and held him up against a tree. “I could smell you, now I must eat you.  I have to.”


The boy with the magic penis held in his fear and put on a brave face and reasoned, “No you don’t.  You could eat anyone. I does not have to be me.”


“It does have to be you. You’re the boy with the magic dick.”


Peter looked down, horrified as he saw her, big teeth and all rip the pants from his body exposing his penis. He saw nothing special about it, why it would be his that he wanted and started screaming, “No, no , no…” as he saw her wide open mouth begin to close around his dick.

He couldn’t look, those white teeth were oh so sharp. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and waited for the pain to come, and waited and waited but it never came. Instead he felt intense pleasure grip him, unimaginable pleasure and when he looked down the bitch wolf was sucking his cock.  Her lips were carefully covering her  very sharp teeth as she did so.


He wanted to beg, he wanted to complain, he wanted to kick her away but all that came out of his mouth was a muffled moan of shear pleasure and his hands gripped her hairy head as she sucked.


She sucked greedily on his cock and fondled his balls with one hand. Watching her made him get oh so much closer to exploding in her mouth.  he knew he couldn’t so that. It was gros and would shame him, worse he would be punished. She worked his penis with such a single minded ravenous need that the boy with the magic penis knew resistance was futile, he would do it no matter how much he tried not to. He heard her growl, “Give it to me!” Just as he erupted in her mouth. She fell back holding tightly to his waist as she did, drinking every drop that squirted from his penis. He could hear her gulping even as her whole body relaxed and the suction on his cock eased.


Slowly and timidly he began to rise of her musky, muscled body and she saw no sign of waking but before he could get all the way off of her he felt a hand go over his mouth as he was snatched off of the beast woman.  Who ever had a hold on him drug him out of the clearing and into the woods and once a safe distance from the bitch wild, whispered in his ear,”I will keep you safe.” as she set him down.


When he saw the very large well muscled woman who had rescued him, he was shocked at her both her beauty and size.  He was a health six foot tall but this woman was at least seven or eight feet tall.


She threw him a pair of very big pants, slung an axe over her shoulder and said, “We have to get you safe.”


End of Part One


I told him as I rocked him to sleep on my lap explaining that he would next hear the story of the she wolf then the continuation of the story of the Boy with the Magic dick but that now it was time to nap.


Once I eased out from beneath him, I went home.  Another adult baby satisfied!

Small Cock Humiliation Isn’t Just For Small Cocks

Small Cock Humiliation

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For all of the kinky and eager to please things that I do there’s one thing that I love to do. That’s small cock humiliation. Believe me, there is no way that a man can get me to call him Daddy if he’s packing anything less than seven inches. I take them bigger than that too but anything less than that in’t going to work for me. When I talk about small cock humiliation though I’m talking about the truly pathetic little dicks out there. My first little cocked man was a guy who even called himself Four. He called himself Four because that was how big he was. I’m not making that up. We had many conversations he and I while he was on his webcam and showing me is four inch cock. Well, at least I thought that it was four inches. See, he had a weird way of sitting.


I never put two and two together the whole time we were talking and he was getting his small cock humiliation rocks off. I just sort of assumed he sat with his knees all bunched up because it was cold in his room or something. He wasn’t like some of the small cocked guys I talked to either. He took good care of himself, had a decent body and visible tattoos though I never really saw his face. He kept the camera firmly on his four inch dick. Then one day he came clean and spread his knees. His dick wasn’t four inches at all, it was a very respectable seven and a half. Honestly I felt a little violated by the whole experience. However, he told me the reason he was into small cock humiliation is because he “feels small.” Like his dick really should have been four inches long.

Ellie: Small Cock Humiliation
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Your Special Daddy’s Girl!

I have this recurring, super hot Daddy’s girl fantasy that I want you to call and share with me, please Daddy! I want to role-play with you. I need to be make me into your dirty little Daddy’s girl! I bet you can you can come up with all kinds of nasty things to do to me! Yep, I am right aren’t I! I know you have already got this nasty scenario playing in your head, don’t you? See, we want the same thing, for me to be your special Daddy’s girl.

I hope you will to spoil your special girl really good; then once I am used to it, expecting it, I want you to let me know exactly what I have to do to be Daddy’s Special Girl. Teach me to please you in that special way. You tell me know that most of it will feel really good but sometimes it will hurt!

It’s okay if daddy’s girl cries because she is being a good daddy’s girl. Not only that, but, it will never hurt for long and Daddy will be pleased then Daddy will make it all better. When Daddy is happy so is his special girl. Daddy, you can show me exactly how to please you and how to make it feel really good. I will lick and suck all your naughty places and smile through the tears when you violate my virgin holes. Nothing will please me more than feeling my tight little cunt stretch around your great big cock.I want you to hear me moan, “Oh Daddy, it hurts!” My tight, little, pink cunt cannot wait to please you and show you how far I will go to be a perfect Daddy’s girl!

Daddy, please call me and make it all better! I really want to be your special Daddy’s girl!

Ellie Loves Taboo Phonesex: Daddy’s Girl Speaks

taboo phonesex

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Taboo phonesex isn’t bad or wrong, its sexy and fun. Sometimes my friends wonder why I like taboo phonesex, they get confused or creeped out if they find out that I don’t mind a taboo phonesex call and not only that, I usually have fun doing it. Its the fantasy that does it for me, how involved an taboo phonesex call can get. When I’m laying in my bed and I’m shivering, both out of nervousness and excitement. When I know that Daddy is waiting to turn the doorknob, come inside, and take what’s his. How could I not get excited by taboo phonesex?

Taboo phonesex is one of the last taboos. And I don’t mind serving daddy according to taboo. I like daddy to be happy and well fucked. It’s my job and I think that taboo phonesex is one more way of showing daddy that his little girl just loves to do a job well done. I wouldn’t even mind trying to talk one of my friends into getting into a hot taboo phonesex call with me just to show them how much fun it can be to lay back and just let go.

Taboo phonesex is hot, long story short. I think that these girls I know who get so freaked out by it just don’t know how hot it can be to relax and take your mind into a sticky hot and sweet taboo phonesex fantasy. But don’t you worry Daddy, I’m not one of those girls. I’ll take all of your taboo phonesex and I’ll get off just as hard as you do, if you want me to. If I’ve been a good little girl for you, daddy. After all, if taboo phonesex is another way to make daddy happy then I’m more than happy to do it. I’m a good little Bad Girl :)


A Naughty Girl On A Remote Control


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I know that I’m usually a very naughty girl. It’s one of the things that I pride myself on. Sometimes I like the world to know how naughty I am but that doesn’t mean that I’m without shame. Last week I had to go out and get some things for myself, clothes, socks, panties, and other basic stuff. Of course I was in trouble with Daddy and so he made me wear one of those pairs of vibrating panties. I’d been wearing them for a week though and I didn’t think that he’d be paying attention the one time I decided to go out.

I was wrong. My Daddy seemed to know without asking that I’d be out in public. My Daddy had control of the vibrator and I guess he must have seen me out and about because suddenly I felt the panties start to vibrate. This wasn’t a quiet hum either, this was a full-on buzzing like an angry nest of hornets suddenly woke up in my skirt and was getting me off instead of stinging me. There I was, vibrating and moaning with people watching how naughty I was. The guy behind one of the counters sort of smiled at me, I blushed more.

One thing I know for sure is that naughty girls deserve to be punished and humiliation is sexy. Instead of running out of the store I learned after a few minutes to just enjoy what was happening. Of course not all of the women around me appreciated me orgasming with a handful of underwear and staring at some bloke I hardly knew but what can you do? My Daddy called my cellphone which just set my purse to vibrating. I am very sure everyone knew what was going on then.

“How do you feel now?” he said.


Stealing innocence: AgePlay with Ellie

I love being the naughty neighbor girl that gets your man juices flowing for some ageplay fantasy phone sex. I know you think about that hot, little tease next door, so when you finally call me, I will take you down the rabbit hole of your deepest, darkest, dirtiest ageplay fantasies. I will give you opportunity to take advantage of that sexy little slut next door but you better be careful! I might just turn the tables on you!

Love seeing those hot little honey’s in their private school uniforms:  Mary Jane’s, plaid, pleated skirt and matching jacket, pretty little white button down shirt and you cannot forget those white ruffled socks. Well look no further. You have found that dirty vixen to take advantage of! You can teach this naughty school girl a stern lesson! ageplay really is my dirtiest desire.  You can bet I will be stroking my little pink clit and cumming right along with you!

Of course I love both oral and anal sex when regressed in an ageplay scene. Believe it or not  we can make it even hotter; if we role play your ageplay scenario with you stealing my virginity in my ass or my pussy.  You can listen to me whimper and moan at  the pain of being broken in my tight little butt or sweet little pussy for the first time as we imagine those tiny holes being ripped open by your thick cock. Imagine punishing your naughty neighbor by finally giving the little tramp exactly what she deserves. Perhaps you will finally have your way with that innocent school girl who has been tempting you every day as she walks past your house shaking her tight, young ass. You will show her by jamming your great big cock in my tiny, wet holes!

Obviously ageplay is huge turn on for me!

If you have a craving, let me feed your desire!

Love Roleplay? Just Name Your Game


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A girl doesn’t get into roleplay sexually on her own for the most part. In fact, I don’t know anyone personally who has. Although I will say that sex games are by far the most effective way to get off there’s this taboo attached to the idea that anyone can get off doing anything but regular ordinary sex. When you act outside the box, especially if you are a girl, and you want to play a sexy game you’re automatically labelled a slut. No, it’s not fair but that’s the way things are. It takes someone else to get a girl into the idea for the most part and I wasn’t any different in that regard.

The first time I thought about roleplay I actually got invited to someone’s local Dungeons and Dragons game. At first I was only going because I wanted to suck one of the guys there off. Soon though, I found myself getting into the game. Not for the loot or even the rules but because wheels started turning in my head about what this could mean in a different context. If I got really good at acting like someone else, creating a character and acting out scenarios couldn’t that work anywhere?

At least that’s what I thought. See, the roleplay in my DnD group wasn’t sexy but with my help it at least started to be. I found that even men I wasn’t interested in sexually in real life could find a way to turn me on by just describing things to me. That’s when I started to learn, in a very limited capacity, that the mind is so much more powerful than the bits. That’s your naked parts. There’s simply no substitute. That is the absolute truth.


My Taboo Phone Sex Experience Set The Stage

Incest Phone Sex

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Daddy always seems to know just what to do to get me screaming. Our taboo phone sex is the best. Really I know that taboo phone sex is born of the taboo but that’s what makes it fun. I like thinking about daddy beating his meat when he hears me moaning and the idea of daddy taking advantage of his little girl as soon as mommy isn’t looking is one that draws and invokes a certain image. That image is undeniably sexy and its one that really gets this little girl’s panties so wet that I don’t know what to do. When I found taboo phone sex I have to say that I didn’t know what to think about it at first. I mean it’s one thing to say you are a kinky no taboos girl and another thing entirely when the barley legal phone sex starts happening.


On one hand it feels good, really good to explore those darker fantasies. And on the other you have a lifetime of societal norms telling you that it’s dirty and it’s wrong and that you’re going to get into trouble if anyone find out what you might be having a wank to. Those fears were set aside at least for me the first time that I ever got off to an taboo phone sex call. My daddy was telling me how he wanted to come to pick me up after school and then take me for a special ride on his daddy stick. Only the best taboo phone sex girls get to ride daddy that way and mommy is a frigid bitch that didn’t want to give daddy the kind of loving that he needed. After we finished he even promised me that we’d go for ice cream. That was all the taboo phone sex I needed to know I was hooked.


Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy Explained

sugar baby ellieAll of the men I “date” are sugar daddies.  Many of them also have an age play fetish but some are just looking for a little sugar and companionship from a sweet little sugar baby like me. Many people misunderstand the term and assume I am a prostitute but you see that is not true at all. Sugar daddies like to have companions to share their world with a relationship they have control over. They want someone who will be able to let them go do their thing and not get all weird, overbearing, jealous and needy.


In return they will spoil you rotten and ease many financial burdens.  I found this quote, “’The sugar daddy has the money, and the sugar baby has the sugar. Both have what they know the other person wants.” I thought it was really awesome and describes exactly what being a sugar daddy means.


I also do that in a lesser way here on the phone sex site.  Adult phone pal makes it possible for me to have GFE (girl friend experience) relationships with men which are very similar to the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. Some men do it by phone because they are married and want the safety of the phone, like their anonymity yet still get pleasure from spoiling a girl.  I even have several submissive callers who are kinda GFE in as much that they are exclusive to me, want to spoil me or be taken advantage of by me.; there are many reasons sugar babies and sugar daddies choose this type of relationship and all of the reasons are mutually beneficial.


I know I adore being a sugar baby both on the phone and in the real world.


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Lollipop Barely Legal Phone Sex

lollyThe barely legal phone sex line rang and I swear I am like pavlov’s dog, my panties were wet before I even answered.  I knew it was daddy calling me to use me and I couldn’t wait! I love being a good girl for daddy. This daddy was especially fun. He knew I was a virgin and decided that, while he wanted to take my virginity himself , it would be much more profitable to sell my innocence.


While I might have been a virgin, he had been preparing me for a long time for this first experience. He began by putting me over his knee and then giving me a lolly to suck on while he put his fingers between my legs and rubbed my button until I got all light headed, it felt so good. At first he would let me get my pantieds wet and that was all that would happen but soon he moved to the next step. He wanted me to be a really well rounded  barely legal phone sex girl so he then started pulling down my panties when I started to get light headed and stop touching my button, making me want to scream like a spoiled brat, “don’t stop!”


He then would pull my panties down and put cream on my bottom and start playing with the hole. It hurt some but I was too busy grinding my pussy against his leg to care. Then he would take my lolly out of my mouth.  It was not the round kind but the long phallic rainbow colored ones and he would start pushing the sticky lolly in my bottom with one hand while pressing my greedy little button. It hurt soo bad but I could feel my orasm cumming and would grind into his hand as he pushed the lolly in deeper and harder…


To be continued…..


Feel free to explore one of my other barely legal phone sex articles while I finish writing my story for you!


Remember if I am busy getting punished by another daddy or am away, you can call one of my friends on the cheap, just ten bucks! 888-552-6096 They too love barely legal phone sex!


Ageplay Princess IRL

Ageplay PrincessI have always been an ageplay princess. Whether it’s on the phone or in real life I have taken to the role of the younger girl and I have run with it as far as it’ll take me in any direction. By now, anyone who know me at all should know that I prefer a submissive role to a Dominant one. But what everyone doesn’t know is that there are a few ways to bring out my Dominant side that people wouldn’t think of normally. Here’s the thing. As an ageplay princess you have to be aware of where the men in your life stand.

There’s simply no excuse for a man who claims to be Dominant to turn around and then show himself as submissive. See, I won’t take a slaveboy home with me. I don’t want one, I don’t need one, and I can’t ever think of a time when I’ve had a use for one. Take for example the “Daddy” I brought home with me a week ago. On the surface he seemed like everything I want in a one nighter. He was funny, smart, sexy, and seemed like he was in control. He was older than I am so that was a big feather in his cap as well.

See, I have a simple expectation. if you front like you are going to make a bitch out of me and use me like a bad little girl then when I bring you back to my place that’s what you have to do. I try not to judge people too harshly for having weird and kinky sexual fetishes. believe me when I say that ageplay princess is not a role that I get into naturally but it takes some pushing. Well as it turns out he wanted that. The worst part is that he ended up getting what he wanted when I was mean to him. Maybe I ended up submitting after all.

My Daddy Fantasy Explained

ellie_3I have been into the Daddy fantasy for as long as anyone has known me. Why is that? Did I have a fucked up childhood? Did my Daddy leave me alone? No, the answer might surprise you. I have been asked the question a lot though. So, I figured the best way to answer it once and for all is to tell you all right here. See, there is something magical about the Daddy thing. It makes me feel very submissive. That’s the main reason why I love the Daddy fantasy so much. I like to feel weak and powerless.


Don’t believe for a minute that the taboo isn’t part of it. See, I know deep down in my heart of hearts that I am a dirty little girl. It makes me oh so horny to get told how dirty I am. What makes me even hornier is when I’m doing something dirty. It’s about as raunchy and taboo as you can get sometimes with the kinds of things I enjoy and those are the very reasons why I enjoy them so much. The more horrible and wrong, the better I am for it at the end of the day.


Don’t believe for a minute that the taboo isn’t part of it. See, I know deep down in my heart of hearts that I am a dirty little girl. It makes me oh so horny to get told how dirty I am. What makes me even hornier is when I’m doing something dirty. It’s about as raunchy and taboo as you can get sometimes with the kinds of things I enjoy and those are the very reasons why I enjoy them so much. The more horrible and wrong, the better I am for it at the end of the day.

Super Horny Bad Girl

bad girl

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It’s not that I don’t think about being a good girl but I’m a Bad Girl all the way down to my core. Even when I’m thinking or pretending to be good, sweet, and innocent there’s always a place in the back of my mind that wants to be bad, dirty , and wrong. It’s one of the reasons that I love my Daddies so much. They know in no uncertain terms just what I need and what I deserve and they are going to take me to those bad places whether I like it or not and that’s what I want.

Sure, I like when a Daddy treats me like his little princess as much as the next girl. It’s hard not to get caught in the moment and doing what Daddy wants. It’s definitely hard not to just sit back and enjoy the ride. But there’s an inherent problem with the ride on a nice train, it’s just nice. When I’m talking about all of my dirty Bad Girl fantasies then I’m certainly talking about an exciting ride. I’m not looking for a minivan with a smooth comfortable grip on the road, I want a roller coaster that does flips and loops and shit.

That’s how I get really caught in the moment. Dominant Daddies know exactly what they want (usually) and the ones that are pretending to be Dominant usually find a way to weed themselves out in indecision. Even when I’m being a Bad Girl and even when they are trying to make me adhere to some submissive fantasy I always try to test the waters. I mean, why shouldn’t I? Some times it’s in character and sometimes I just push little buttons just because I want to see what happens if I screw up. Some of my best conversations got really good when I started to be bad.

Love Being Daddy’s Special Girl

Daddy's Special Girl

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If you do phonesex long enough you’ll find something you really like. For me, it’s being Daddy’s special girl. With so many different fantasies out there it’s impossible not to get caught up in at least some of them. If you’d have told me that being Daddy’s special girl was going to be my cup of tea when I first started doing phonesex though I would have said you were crazy and that it was all a job and blah blah blah. See, I wasn’t always the no taboos kinky phone roleplay slut that I am now. I was a bit of a prude actually.

The thing is that it grew on me. The first couple of times I was asked to roleplay something out over the phone I honestly had no idea at all what I was doing. Instead of phone fantasy mind blowing sex fun they got… Well, I tried. It wasn’t the tame fantasies that changed my mind either, it was the darker ones. The deeper I went the more I could get into everything that was going on. Almost as if because there was more of a gap between who I really am and who I wanted to be on the line I could slip easier into what was happening.

The thing is that ageplay is exactly what I needed. Being daddy’s special girl is deliciously good fun. The kind of fun that I can’t tell my friends about but leaves me weak in the knees. The dirtier it gets the happier I am and if a Daddy manages to think of something I haven’t thought of or got to play around with before than I’m sure to like it even more. I love the freedom that comes with being a sweet and innocent little slut that lives to please.

Daddy Likes His Fleshlight


888 Phone Pal

I have a Daddy who really likes his sex toys. Floggers, dildos, massagers, and a fleshlight he’s got them all and I never really complained about it. Honestly, in most cases a guy who has that many sex toys must know how to play with them and so I never really had a reason to complain about it. Then I made a mistake, an awful mistake. See, this Daddy doesn’t only love his sex toys but he also loves to find new and exciting ways to make me uncomfortable. That makes it sound worse than it is I think but I’ll try to explain.

See, the idea of a fake pussy in a can never sat well with me. I always thought that the guys who liked them were guys who couldn’t get any so you can imagine my surprise when I found one in his collection of sex toys. I didn’t really know what to say. It kind of broke my stereotype right then and there because Daddy definitely has no trouble at all getting girls to do whatever he wants. But he caught me staring at it, for longer than I should have I guess.

When I told him what I thought about the fleshlight he kind of laughed and I could already see the wheels turning. Clearly, he didn’t think I was challenging his manhood or anything but he definitely took it as an excuse for some creative punishment. Since then, every time I see him I have to jerk him off with that tight pussy and I don’t get any for myself. He tells me how good it feels, how much he likes it. I have to smile the whole time, even while I’m so horny I could scream. It’s so unfair.

My Naughty Neighbor Peeping Tom

Naughty Neighbor

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So I have a naughty neighbor. You never would have guessed it to talk to him but the guy that moved in next door is a totally kinky and awesome pervert. How did I find out that my naughty neighbor was a dirty pervert? Well, I’ll tell you. The other night I was taking a shower an for those of you who know me you know that there is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than taking a long shower after a long day. Its sexy, relaxing, and it makes my skin feel so good when I clean it.


It’s also one of the times when I am most likely to masturbate. Naughty neighbor or not I still have to find the time to give myself a little love, right? So I was in the shower and I was doing what I do in the shower when for some reason I decided to look out of the bathroom window. It doesn’t exactly have a direct view of the other house. My naughty neighbor’s house only has a window in the attic that points anywhere near my bathroom. But when I looked out there sure enough I saw him looking in through my bathroom window to watch me in the shower.


At first I was mortified and didn’t know if I should call the cops. Naughty neighbor or not being a peeping tom is kind of dirty. Here’s the issue though. As I was stroking my clit in the shower and watching him watch me I couldn’t help but get off. I came right then and there really hard. I don’t even know if he knew I could see him and I’m not sure how I would want to go about telling him. I mean, I don’t want him to stop.

Ellie: Naughty Neighbor
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Daddy Can’t Get Enough of My Teen Pussy

Daddy's girl

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Daddy always seems to know just what to do with me. I can’t help but love taboo phonesex with my Daddy. He’s got all of the words that make me weak in the knees. I know that it’s taboo. I know that taboo phonesex fantasy isn’t ever going to be a widely accepted phenomenon but with the right daddy I think taboo phonesex is my very favourite thing to do. I want to be your little girl and I want you to use me like a little girl should be used. Daddy, make me love your cock and show me what to do with it. With taboophonesex with Ellie you don’t have to worry about turning me off. There’s only one button on this little girl’s controller and that button is GO GO GO. Daddy I know mommy’s not been taking care of you the way that you need. So come to my bedroom late at night to relieve yourself with me.

I won’t ever tell anyone what delicious naughtiness that we get up to during our taboo phonesex, Daddy. When you use me, where you use me, and how you use me will always remain our very dirty secret. I’m so wet already just thinking about it Daddy. I need you to come and use me for some taboo phonesex right now. I’m already reaching down and making my little panties so wet for you daddy. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to contain myself. Don’t you want to feel my little tight pussy around your cock Daddy? I know when we do taboo phonesex that you want me to use the dirty words to get what I want. Fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk straight Daddy. I need your dick!

Ellie: Daddy Complex
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Be My Phone Sex Daddy

daddy phone sex

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I love to getting in my cute little nightie to sneak into bed with my Phone sex Daddy! It is a great big bed for just a little girl like me and my Phone sex Daddy and he makes me do all kinds of naughty things to him in bed. I can’t wait to stretch my tight little body down the middle of my Daddy’s bed with my lithe legs spread wide open! I wil do anythign my Phone sex Daddy wants me to! I belong to my Phone sex Daddy and he can do with me as he pleases. If I am a very good girl and obey him he rewards me in very special ways just this past month my Phone sex Daddy bought me very first brand spanking new vibrator he has tried it all my tight little holes!

I am slender, and lean just like my Phone sex Daddy likes his sweet little girl. I am very tight and warm in all those special places my Phone sex Daddy loves. My tight little pussy will hug my Phone sex Daddy tightly around his big dick and drain his balls into my snug little box! Daddy says if I work my muscles with the vibrator it will keep my young pussy toned and tight. Sometimes he brings me home one of those lolly-pops that is spiral and phallic shaped, you know the kind they sell at the fair? guess where he lets me put those then we share the juices! How often do I use it, well that is easy, every time my Phone sex Daddy calls!

Dirty little girls love to get off and I am no exception! I love to cum and cum often! Over and over again! Not all girls can cum over and over again like me my Phone sex Daddy says that makes me special.


Do you want to be my phone sex daddy tonight?